Embryo Trial Transfer

Last week Kay and I went to the fertility doctor to have our day 3 blood work done.  The next day we received news that Kay’s thyroid levels were slightly higher than preferred.  And, since we are using her eggs, our doctor prescribed her thyroid medication to take for a month and we will do more blood work then.

So, looks like we are waiting at least one more month before we can try to get pregnant.

However, this Wednesday, I have an appointment for an embryo trial transfer (ETT).  This procedure is done because every uterus is a little bit different and doing a trial procedure will help our doctor know the best route or strategy to transfer the real embryos when the time comes.  Some doctors do the trial transfer the same day as the actual transfer.  For us it will be the month before (fingers crossed).  Basically, from what I understand, I drink at least 25 oz of liquid 45 minutes prior to my appointment – this helps with uterus alignment and it also helps the ultrasound to be clearer.  Then, the doctor will be able to determine which catheter works the best for my anatomy, how far it is from my cervix to the perfect transfer spot in the uterus, and if there is anything else to specifically be aware of.  I was told that the ETT might be slightly painful but nothing that I couldn’t handle.  🙂

I’m looking forward to Wednesday and  praying that the medicine helps Kay’s thyroid levels.

♥ Elle




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