Insurance & Day 1 Lupron

Best advice no one ever gave us was to know your insurance plan benefits. As a same-sex couple, married and in a not so friendly gay state I have gone back and forth with my insurance company more than anyone ever desires for multiple reasons. I have no medical background but I don’t think it should be so hard to use your insurance, especially since we have meet our deductible of  $4000. Luckily for us, our insurance has assisted with most of the fertility appointments, lab work, genetic testing and ultrasounds for both my wife and I until now.

I was supposed to begin my Lupron on Sunday, Oct 23rd sometime in the am. My RX was called into Freedom Fertility on Thursday, Oct 20th and I thought I was all set and ready to received my RX on Saturday, Oct 22nd. But like most things so far with this baby making experience nothing goes as planned. After not receiving a confirmation tracking number on Friday by 9pm, I called Freedom to check my status. Not to my knowledge my insurance company wouldn’t deny nor confirm that my RX was covered under my policy so Freedom never ordered my RX. Here I am Friday night at 930pm bawling my eyes out with my wife in anger knowing there is no way FedEx can get me the RX by Saturday now.

One thing you will never get used to is how hard it is just to do the simplest things. This is after having to switch fertility doctors who we had already been seeing for over 6 months and repeating multiple tests twice. Having a baby is extremely magical to me as a whole, but as a gay woman living an already tough life sometimes it is normal to just want a break from the madness.

Freedom tried finding the Lupron, which will be your first round of shots for 14 days, on Saturday for us to pick up but had no luck even after we stressed we would go anywhere in our state to pick it up and pay out-of-pocket.

Luckily our nurse at the fertility center was able to speak to her rep at Freedom and have the Lupron delivered to me at work today before 8am. Lupron isn’t cheap out-of-pocket so know your benefits and save for the unexpected because the unexpected will come. I will have to fill a claim to see if I can get reimbursed as I do my birth control but good news is I am just one day behind on my schedule for egg retrieval.

Day 1 of Lupron was rough as 1st I have to now refrigerate and administer the shots at work at 750am in our public restroom. I hate public restrooms even at my work due the fact that they are public and I am not the most feminist of women. That being said, 750am I wash my hands get my supplies together. I just kept replaying the instructions I was given at my fertility doctor’s office in my head. Hands shaking I open the needle and fill it with air, place it into my Lupron bottle and release the air. Measure at 10 on the needle, tapping out any air and here we go. First attempt was a fail as I hesitated before putting the needle into my punched navel area skin. Second attempt I just went for it, held it in for 7 secs and released and out came the blood. My doctor mentioned that might happen but I sure wasn’t expecting it. Cleaned myself, disposed of my needle in my very own sharp container and that’s when the burning begin. 7 hours later it still burns some but I do have a small bruise in the area of the shot. The color is similar to a strawberry birthmark but hey I did it. Day 1 of Lupron done.

Further baby I just hope you know, I want to be a strong warrior for you.

Kay ♦



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