Day 3 Lupron

Lesson learned with Lupron, grab more fat. At times like this, I wish I was a little more chubbier so I can really have some fat to grab when I have to give myself the Lupron shots. I still have a nickel size bruise from my Day 1 shot. Since then I have began really trying to collect a large grip on as much fat as possible, bending over like you are going to touch your toes seems to be working best for me. With a larger pinch of skin, I have noticed that the shot doesn’t hurt nor sting as much and it doesn’t bleed, even though I am still struggling with just sticking myself on the first attempt.

Today, I had sometime to really understand what Lupron is. Before taking my shots, my doctor explained it as a way to slow down my reproductive cycle. At that point, I really didn’t understand what that meant exactly. After researching today, I now understand that the Lupron injections are used to suppress my own body’s generated hormones. The main idea is to prevent premature release of my eggs before they are ready to be retrieved. It is also used to start the growth of the follicles.

Based on these facts, explains why I feel super sore and bloated in my ovary area as my follicles begin to grow larger. Based on the ultrasound I had on Oct. 21st I had a combined total of 14 potential follicles. The doctor called them something else at this stage but I can’t remember it now. So imagine 14 tiny dots growing larger daily with the Lupron. Right now the soreness is bearable but not looking forward to still 11 more days of Lupron and more hormone shots to start on Nov 4th.

My wife has began calling me BMW, baby making warrior. I like the idea of being a warrior for my baby but even warriors get scared at times. I am happy to have a large support system during this process. I am surprised at the amount of people just interested in knowing everything I am going through. I had a coworker want to administer my shot this morning. I just kindly declined as the shots are something I prefer to do privately, but it is nice to know people are accepting enough to give me a shot.

Last day of birth control is tomorrow, I am still amazed I didn’t turn into a cry baby nor a loca woman. I think since it was the first time taking it, that saved me. 17 days wasn’t that bad but I wouldn’t want to do it forever. Pills are small but still. When I think of birth control I thank God for making me gay.

I am now working with my insurance and doctor to find the most cost effective way to get my next hormone, Follistim. My doctor has offered us some samples to help in cost since we had to switch doctors. We luckily had many donate to our baby fund for our wedding, which has helped extremely with the costs. Based on a quote from one pharmacy, it can cost $1049.79 and that is just the copay. So best advice is to really save, we are on the Dave Ramsey plan but before we were saving $200 dollars each pay period for about a year.

This weekend is supposed to be extremely busy for Uber surge as it is Halloween weekend for our small college town. Hopefully my Lyft and Uber riders enjoy my Eleven costume from Netflix’s Stranger Things. I’ll be trading Eggos for BMW tips.

Wish me luck and Happy Halloween!

Kay ♦



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