Preparing for pregnancy

Hey everyone,

So, I’ve been in a little bit of a mental rut.  This summer I was all in, ready to start the steps of this process, borrowed pregnancy books from the library, ready to research where the baby would be born and started eating in a way that would support pregnancy, lose some weight (I’ll get to that soon) and also staying vegan.

Kay and I decided to go vegan in late April and the purpose of it was to help the environment.  I still wholeheartedly believe that each person who becomes vegan makes a huge impact on our world.  Kay lost tons of weight.  I gained weight.  But, it is something that is important enough to to me to keep on doing – also, I never really enjoyed eating meat all that much (I do miss dairy).

I have been having some chronic back pain since December 2015 and Kay finally convinced me to go to the spine specialist in August.  Two appointments, an MRI, and MANY payments later, the doctor told me that my back looks pretty normal…if I was 50 YEARS OLD!  He said that if I’m planning on being pregnant, I should try and get down as close to my ideal weight as possible.  This was a little bit harsh on the ego but I totally get it.  After all I had gained about 10 pounds since becoming vegan and also not being able to run because of my back. So, losing weight before I get pregnant is important to me.

And then there  were so many obstacles that slowed our original idea of our timeline that with each new setback we started thinking things like “well, if it isn’t going to happen anytime soon, let’s have some drinks.” And for me, in my own head, I thought, “well if it’s not going to happen soon, I can just wait to lose weight.”

But NOW, it seems like it COULD very possibly be happening soon. I need to get out of this state of mind that I didn’t really realize I was in for so long.

Goals to prepare for pregnancy:

1. Cut back on alcohol- 2 glasses of wine a week maximum

2. Cut back on sugar

3. Drop caffeine

4. Swim more

5. Walk more

6. Meditate

For my birthday, Kay got me these awesome mala beads from Evolve Holistic Health and Fitness that I am IN LOVE with.  They are stones that support fertility: amethyst and moonstone.


Today, Election Day, we do not have school and so before heading to the polls I took the time to make breakfast.  Low sugar, vegan, and no caffeine 😩. But, still delicious!


Now if I could only get this headache to go away…

<3, Elle


One thought on “Preparing for pregnancy

  1. The EcoFeminist says:

    Hahah, yeah my efforts at veganism also made me gain weight as I made up for it I think in sugar – I attribute it to So Delicious’s Cashew Milk dark chocolate truffle (basically, chocolate chocolate chip) ice cream. So I went back to ‘everything in moderation, mostly plants’ and am happy again 🙂


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