Shots, Shots, Shots

Sorry haven’t posted since Halloween, so I’ll try to catch you up.

I am on day 18: 10 units of Lupron, day 7: 10 units of low dose HCG and day 7: 200-150 units of Follistim. Not sure if that is the correct measurement term but those are the numbers I measure out for each shot. Let’s just say my stomach area looks as if I have freckles. I take the Lupron and low dose HCG together in one shot every morning and 150 units of Follistim in the afternoon after work. Elle has been helping with the shots now. She gets nervous and doesn’t stick me as fast as she should, which can be more painful and draw blood. But I understand, the needles look super painful. Not sure how well I would do if I was in her shoes. No true side effects that I can notice except intense headaches that come randomly throughout the day. Emotionally I do feel numb, not sure if that is due to the election results or the hormones. For now we will blame it on the hormones. I also feel more anxious than normal. I have a busy life which I think is helping me not really focus on this whole process.

I am at the stage now where I have been going to the doctor every other day since Nov 2nd. Each doctor visit includes a vaginal ultrasound, blood work and speaking with clinical team to just check on me and adjust any of my shots based on how my blood work is looking. My most recent visit was probably my worst ultrasound as it lasted forever and was extremely uncomfortable as the doctor searched for my ovaries then need to measure different parts to assess the growth of my follicles. She warned me of painful cramps to come as my follicles begin to enlarge more than usual due to the hormones. She also explained that once they take the eggs out the follicles will fill back up with fluid that will be even more painful after the retrieval, so definitely not looking forward to that. I used to have painful stomach pain when I was younger that turned out to be ulcers so having stomach pains always brings me back to terrible memories, but hey that’s why there is vegan ice cream. Vegan ice cream is probably the best thing invented ever.

Based on the doctor’s comments on my progression, everything seems to be going as planned. Tomorrow I have an appointment which I have to bring all of my medicine. Depending on my blood work, I may be getting my trigger shot (10,000 units of HCG) sometime soon or at least have it mixed and ready for me to take when instructed. We are planning for a Nov 16th egg retrieval day.  I am excited to be done with my part of this process but yet super nervous as I want my eggs to be the best they can be for my family. I have read of women being able to retrieve 33 eggs at one time. So I am aiming for at least 20. Figured the more eggs the better our chances are. Elle had me not driving Uber or Lyft late and drinking no caffeine. She read something that eggs produce better with good sleep and no caffeine. These medicines do make me tired so it is good to catch up on some much-needed rest.

The closer we get to maybe being pregnant the more nervous I have become. Not nervous because of actually being pregnant but just from the struggle I have read from other couples not being successful. I read of a couple that it took 6 times. I don’t know how I would feel even after 3 failed attempts. It would be super hard. I am just working on staying positive and no matter how many up and downs of this baby making brings I know it will be super worth it when I have a little baby of my own in my arms.

Til then I’ll just hold my foster kittens!



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