Ovarian Hyperstimulation Diet

Hello fast foods, chips, bacon, lunch meat, pepperoni, and pickles plus tons of Gatorade to wash it all down. Doctors orders.

19 follicles were counted today during my ultrasound! Eggs can’t been seen as they are extremely tiny. Word of advice though, for ultrasounds stick with the nurse or doctor who is pro at finding ovaries because if you have my luck the newbie will be all in your lady friend looking around and pushing in places that don’t need to be pushed. Pros are needed for sure to reduce pain and discomfort. But Doctor says I am doing awesome that my lining looks super thick meaning very good eggs, which is a relief plus how can you not be happy with 19 follicles. Hopefully they missed a few and I can meet my goal of 20 on my retrieval day. Fingers crossed. She did warn that the discomfort is coming and this weekend could be my weekend from hell. Hydration is key though.

Ovarian hyperstimulation is a complex physiologic condition which can occur after the administration of medications to produce multiple eggs. The full manifestation of ovarian hyperstimulation occurs after ovulation and typically results in enlarged ovaries and a disturbance of fluid and chemistry balances in the body. The more severe forms can result in accumulation of fluid in the abdomen causing significant discomfort and even shortness of breath.

To prevent this I have been placed on this diet.

  1. Drink at least 1-2 liters of fluid per day. Due to electrolyte disturbance, focus on electrolyte balanced beverages such as sports drinks and V-8 juice.
  2. Foods that are high in sodium are helpful such as fast foods, chips, bacon, lunch meat, pepperoni, and pickles.
  3. Foods that are high in potassium will also help, bananas, tomatoes, oranges, and dried fruit.

I had to read this part of the hand out multiple times as I thought for sure my eyes were deceiving me. After asking twice the doctor confirmed this is the way to not be so much pain. I am now also have a risk for constipation. Great. I have been intrusted to take one colace (docusate sodium) two times per day to prevent constipation. You can also get significant nausea and vomiting, which is one of the worst feelings if you ask me. Nothing like having a full belly and having the hangover from hell feeling. But I know these side effects are real serious as I had to sign two different documents stating I understood.

I also got instructions on my trigger shot today, which they mixed for me. Unlike my other shots this one will have be given in my lower back near my hip. The nurse sharpied a large X in the spot just incase I had a hard time explaining it to Elle. I will say that my nurses my not get my humor but they sure roll with it and that is much appreciated in the state I am in.

For now, I am waiting for the call to explain my blood work taken today. They will let me know what day to take the shot and confirm if Nov 16th is the see ya later eggs day.

I’ll keep you posted.

Kay ♦



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