The doctor called and scheduled Kay’s egg retrieval for Monday afternoon!

While it is a pretty big procedure, we are very excited to be one step closer and I know that Kay is excited to go back to being shot free.  She is typically a night owl and will drive Über on the weekend nights and drink energy drinks while doing so.  I had told her that since she was on shots for only a couple of weeks, we should make sure she gets plenty of rest and stop the crazy energy drinks.  Now she can do all of that again.  The bruises and dots on her belly will heal.  I’m excited for her to feel more like herself again.

I know that she will also be relieved to kind of switch roles from starring to supporting.

Last night we had Chinese food to keep up her sodium intake as the doctor ordered.  While Kay and I try to be vegan as best we can, Kay will eat meat every now and then.  I know she misses it.  And, this baby is worth a weekend of Kay eating foods that are not (probably as opposite as you can get!) vegan.


A friend dropped of some sodium filled treats for Kay yesterday evening, how nice!


As for me, I have been making progress with my pre-pregnancy goals.  Not perfect, but I refuse to be hard on myself.  I did plan on it being a little bit of a work in progress, something that will happen slowly.  Here is a week in review:

  • No coffee! – I had about 2-3 days of headaches but I have made it through and feel good!
  • 240 min. of walking – I walked to and from work 2 days this week, went for a long walk with a friend on our day off (election day), and went on several walks with the dogs.
  • 3 glasses of wine and a shot…- Okay, I went over my 2 glasses of wine goal here.  But, as I said I am refusing to be hard on myself.  I will do better this upcoming week.  (All of these drinks occurred while watching the election results.)
  • Some sugar – I would say that my sugar intake has decreased a TINY bit.  But, again, I am committed to improving this upcoming week.
  • Meditation – I have not done any meditation.  I do want to really set aside time to do some meditation exercises I have found.  I have not.  But – I will!
  • Swimming – The week is not over yet!  After this post, I am getting ready and heading to the pool!
  • Podcasts – This is something that was not in my goals I have set for myself – but I have found some really good pregnancy podcasts to listen to when I’m walking and have found this very therapeutic.  My favorite is The Birth Hour.

That’s all for now!  2am Sunday morning, I’ll give Kay her trigger shot.  I will try to remember to take a picture of the needle incase anyone is curious (It’s pretty big).

Off to the pool!

♥ Elle


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