Meds Galore!

Its’ been so long!  Here’s what we’ve been up to:

After the egg retrieval went so well, Kay tagged me and I was it!

So, I have taken 32 birth control pills, taken 3 weeks of daily lupron shots, taken estrogen pills (started at one twice a day, then two twice a day, then two three times a day).


That has been it!

However, our transfer date is now OFFICIALLY January 16th!  JUST 6 DAYS AWAY!  WOOHOO!

So, for now, that means: MORE meds.

My last lupron shot is tomorrow morning – hallelujah!  But, I am to stay on my other medications and add some.  I just hope I’m able to take it all and not make any mistakes.  I have to take three different pill medications, baby aspirin, can’t forget the prenatal vitamins and, starting tonight, a progesterone suppository.img_2448

It will be interesting for sure.  In the past few years I have really taken on the attitude of avoiding medication wherever possible and so it is really hard for me to remember but thankfully I’m obsessed with this baby (already!) and so that helps along with setting alarms on my phone.

I was reading all the medications and times and dosages last night and Kay suggested we go get a pill box.  That will probably help a lot too. (That’s one day: morning, afternoon and night in that picture.)


Since taking the estrogen I do feel like crying at surprising moments.  For example: I watched an episode of Long Island Medium and  cried but then it felt so good to cry that I watched three more episodes!

I have also been quick to anger.  My patience that I have (especially teaching elementary music) is pretty much gone and my poor students have been left with the music teacher from the black lagoon.  A fifth grade student who has been known to have some self-control issues with calling out and blurting anything that is on his mind said to me while entering the room, “Please tell me that we are not writing notes today.” (We’ve been learning about keys and chord progressions to prepare for a song writing unit on the ukuleles.)  Without thinking, I said, “Please tell me that you are going to have self-control and actually focus today.  Was that rude?”  He replied, “Yes.”  I shrugged and said, “So was what you said.”  I can’t say that’s teacher of the year material right there- BUT- I don’t regret it.  Sometimes I do think it’s good for students to understand how they come off when they let anything that comes to they head fall out of their mouth.  Perhaps it will be good for me.  Because while I am patient, I feel that students can take advantage of that every now and then.  My first graders are definitely behaving better!

So one can only GUESS what’s in store when I start these other meds tonight.  And more so, when I am pregnant.

We shall see!

I am going to try to make a few posts after the transfer during out wait for the BETA test.

♥, Elle


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