Our little embryo!

On Monday one of our 12 frosties was transferred!  It’s probably too early to be feeling any symptoms but because I’ve been on progesterone suppositories and estrace pills, I have been have mild cramping even before the transfer.  So now, I constantly feel like over analyzing every little twinge, potty break, soreness…

But, truth be told, it will be a while until we know if we are indeed pregnant.  I really am thinking about our little embryo every chance I get.  I read some kind of post (can’t remember where since I’ve been having random boosts of googling) that a doctor wrote saying that there really is nothing you can do.  There’s all sorts of things all over the internet about eat this, not that, bed rest, no bed rest and this doctor was saying that the embryo will take or it won’t.  She said that the human reproductive process is flawed and sometimes it will take and some times not.

That made me feel relieved that as long as I followed the simple instructions like taking it easy but not on complete bed rest, and staying away from foods and drinks that you shouldn’t be consuming if you’re pregnant, then I am doing all that I can and I wouldn’t blame my actions if it didn’t work out.

However, it also made me feel restless because when all I need is time to pass, there’s nothing that I can do in the meantime. (You know, besides my normal daily life….haha).

I was never told at my previous appointment what my lining measurement was so I made it a point to ask when we went in for the transfer.  The nurse said I measured at 15!  Which is really good!  So, I’m trying to hold on to that fact to give me confidence.

What a weird balance it is to try and stay positive but also try not to get your hopes up too high.

Yesterday I had the thought that I CAN’T WAIT to pee on a stick and find out.  Then I thought, I CAN wait because I don’t want there to be a chance that this is over.  Right now I think of myself as pregnant and I don’t want that to end.  Of course we are lucky enough to be able to try again – and I’m super grateful.

So, I’m somewhere in the middle of can’t wait, can wait, happy, worried, anxious, hungry, and crampy.  🙂

Here’s a picture of our embryo!  I love them already!


♥, Elle


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