Round 2!

Hey this is Kay, sorry it has been a minute but deep inside I needed some time to grieve. After talking it through with Ella, we have decided to try again! Personally I didn’t realize trying again meant starting Ella’s 2 month part all over again but here we are.

Sorry we have been silent via our blog. Ella felt tons of pressure from family and friends knowing all the details that it was super overwhelming. We are just explaining to people who know us personally and ask that “we are working on it.” Not that we are trying to lie to family or friends, just wanted to give our selves the space we needed to focus on making the baby first.

Heads up each transfer once you have the embryos frozen is about $4000. So keep saving as it isn’t over till your pregnant. Then actually I guess, it just starts but hey I was never great at sayings in general.

Ella is currently on her lupron and estrace stage. She has finished birth control (thank god). She is taking lupron shots in the morning and estrace pills throughout the day. Today I think she is up to four pills a day. Ella has created medicine alerts on her phone to help her keep track of the pills and timing on when to take them.

She is at stage that I personally think is hell as the hormones constantly change her moods and tone. Hormones are no joke. She can be two totally different people throughout the day. At this stage, best to never let your wife get hungry because hangry and hormones don’t mix, trust me. I felt pretty weird the hormones I was taking but Ella is being pumped with way more than I could emotionally handle. Thanks goodness she is strong and dedicated to make this attempt successful.

Ella did some research on acupuncture and with input from our doctor decided that was something she wanted to try. She goes weekly and will have the acupuncture come before and after the transfer as it is known to help.

Ella also decided to switch from the progesterone suppositories to progesterone and oleate compound which is another shot, which isn’t covered by our insurance but somehow was still the cheaper of the two. Heads up CVS CareMax is terrible to work with as a prescription provider. The suppositories from an outsider looked way worse than a shot but we will see how it goes. She states the compound on March 13th.

Ella has acupuncture tomorrow which seems extremely painful but she enjoys. I will work on getting her to give an update on that as many may be interested in that part.

In a couple of weeks, I will be going to Ultra for my last hoorah before the baby just thought we would be pregnant by now. All things come in time and we are working on being patience. Baby making is hard work for sure.

Til next time!




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