Transfer Day, Round 2

Today is the day. It is like waiting in line for a very large roller coaster, I am not sure if I am excited or scared to death. I am excited to be a parent but scared shitless it might not take again. I am grateful the opportunity we have but can’t help be fearful as well. This time around I am trying to be more realistic and neutral since last time I just was super positive and optimistic. I am excited to be a parent but I understand fate could have a different timeline than I want.

I have been giving Ella the progesterone and olate oil via a shot in her sides of her lower back for a few days now. I think of the shot as a dart and I push it in quickly with the same motion as I would throw a dart. Ella read it is better to warm the liquid in your hand some but most of the time she can’t wait long enough for me to actually get any heat created. At first I was super nervous about hurting her, since we watched this video from Freedom Fertility on how to administer the shot and it was talking about blood being in the needle. Likely that hasn’t happen but if we get pregnant today I will have many more weeks of shots to administer, so knock on wood.

Ella is getting acupuncture today before the transfer to help with blood flow and I am supposed to have some jokes lined up for Ella since we read that laughter can help with destressing the body. Ella has also been feeding into some old wise tales of eating brazilian nuts and eating a whole pineapple. They seem super silly to me but whatever makes her feel better I’ll support. She is a fan of many youtube couples who have done for fertility and seems to be super excited for twins. Me on the other hand might just pass out if we find out we might be having twins. Nothing against twins I just never imagined myself with two mini me’s at the same time. One me is tough enough.

I do have a good feeling for this time. St. Patrick’s day this weekend and I am getting a foster kitten after the transfer. Both are pretty lucky if you ask me. I rented Moonlight to watch as well tonight since Ella really wants to have a girl and name her Luna. I mean seems like these little things are worth trying.

Minus 2 hours till transfer time. Here’s to pregnant thoughts and a successful transfer. 10 days is so long to wait to find out!



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